Aamer Habib | Co-Founder of PTV.TV (Message)

PTV.TV (PUBLIC TV MEDIA) is registered in Pakistan and UAE. This is a web based media platform that is easily accessible to anyone. You can visit this website for watching interesting videos, programs, and news and Informative articles. PTV.tv is one of the biggest platforms for all professional journalists for recognizing and identifying themselves as an active journalist in Pakistan. They can create their profile with a picture on PTV.tv. After creating complete profile they will get a link like ptv.tv/journalist/mr-aamer-habib/. This link can be used and shared everywhere. Moreover they can share their thoughts, views, content, News, Articles and videos on PTV.tv. We will also arrange journalist’s events and meet ups for building relationships and cooperation with each other. So join us today for becoming reputed international journalist.

How to get Membership?

  • Go to Membership Menu.
    • Fill membership form.
    • Attach your CV and other required document and submit.
    • We will contact to you for verification and when you will verify we will register you on our website. It will mention on international journalists page.

Benefits of Membership with us

  • Known as media person
  • Career enhancement in media field
  • Part of PTV.TV Family Member
  • Get Public TV Media Executive membership card
  • Confident and powerful
  • Have opportunity to help Pakistani people.
  • Feeling like a part of big force
  • Conflict or any issue will be handle together
  • Able to help each other
  • Able to fight against human rights with all members
  • Learn and get experience about journalism
  • Easily approach to journalists and media persons
  • Build strong relationship
  • Source of best information gathering
  • All works will be easy if you are with a team
  • Huge Support/help back up with a strong team
Aamer Habib