Faisal Ali Qane

Faisal Ali Qane

Growth of valuable antiques of Pakistan

Speaking of artifacts and Vintage antiques, Pakistan is the long-forgotten supplier of such vintage art. The country itself was formed in the name of Islam and from ever since is known as a cultural and heritage for it.

Faisal Ali Qane has showed always deep desire and interest in Pakistan for the valuable assets that this country owns in the category of arts and due to its cultural diversity, Faisal Qane feels like Pakistan is not getting the kind of limelight that it should get and Therefore, he has decided to step informally into this sector after having a long history of dealing in Artifacts, vintage arts, carved art in Pakistan from various well-reputed dealers across the country.

Faisal was nothing but all praises for the rich cultural art and diversity in one of the cities in Pakistan; Peshawar, that dates back to hundreds of years and has truly served all the art enthusiasts and lovers of diversity in the world.

The main aim of this venture happens to be the uplifting of local dealers in the country who are thrown away from the spotlight and aren’t given their due credit for the contribution that they have made in the field of vintage art. Pakistan surely is home to both Islamic and Pre-Islamic art and is completely enriched with all the resources that if used wisely and efficiently, can uplift the economy of the state and help them make a name for themselves after years of struggle and years of contribution to the art sector. The local dealers are very experienced and know exactly what they’re doing with the natural intelligence and instincts of differing a fake piece of art from the genuine one.

Faisal Ali Qane highlighted these valuable antiques of Pakistan in his Art Galleries (Company: Majestic Arts) of Germany, France, Italy, China, UK, USA, UAE, Luxembourg, Japan, and Canada. Now in the growth of Pakistani Art and Culture, his company Majestic Art has a very valuable name.

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